All INA BEISSNER pieces are made with the utmost care to an exceptionally high standard. Whether worn daily or only on special occasions, treat your jewelry with care to preserve its beauty.


Handle with care
While precious metals and natural stones are very hardwearing, they’re still sensitive to their environment. That’s why we recommend you remove your jewelry before you exercise, swim, or wash your hands. Take care to avoid hitting your jewelry on anything, as this may lead to marks and scratches or cause stones to come loose. Keep your jewelry away from moisture, intense heat, and extreme temperatures.

Treat your INA BEISSNER jewelry with care – and it will last you a lifetime.
Gold jewelry tends to oxidize over time. This is entirely normal and no cause for concern – their original brilliance can easily be restored. If your jewelry is tarnished or slightly oxidized, simply clean it in lukewarm water, then gently rub dry with a soft cloth.

Diamond jewelry
To restore diamond jewelry’s original sparkle, soak it briefly in lukewarm water mixed with a dash of mild dish detergent. Gently rub with a soft brush to remove the dirt. Finish by rinsing in clean water, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Jewelry with stones other than diamonds
Other precious stones such as pearls, emeralds, turquoise, etc. require specific care. Contact us regarding our special cleaning services.

Care services
We offer a polishing service for a nominal fee – get in touch with us.
Should your jewelry be damaged, then allow us to assist: we can gladly provide a repair suggestion.