THE 4 C´s

Learn all you need to know about the 4 C´s (cut, color, clarity, carat ) to select the ideal stone for your dream engagement ring and why we go beyond the international standards and add a fifth ‘C’ to the four international criteria for determining a diamond’s value.


Diamonds are renowned for their immense brilliance – and, cut correctly, can sparkle even more brightly. Creating the optimal proportions and symmetry allows the light to be refracted within a stone more effectively and reflected back through the top. Making for a magnificent diamond that is even more radiant.
Natural diamonds form from carbon deep beneath the Earth’s surface over millions of years. Other substances can become trapped within the diamondscrystals as they form – and this affects their color. A diamond’s color is thus essentially an indication of its purity: the more transparent and colorless a diamond is, the higher its quality. More light is able to pass through clear diamonds, allowing the light to better be dispersed – and a stone even more brilliant and sparkling. We use the GIA color scale developed by the Gemological Institute of America to measure our diamonds’ color. This scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown in color). We only use diamonds from the higher color categories (D-H) in INA BEISSNER jewelry.
A diamond’s clarity is measured according to its internal characteristics. Most diamonds naturally contain tiny imperfections known as inclusions. The number, size, nature, location, and visibility of these inclusions determine the diamond’s grading on the clarity scale: the fewer and smaller the inclusions, the less likely it is that they’ll affect the passage of light. So the fewer imperfections a diamond has, the more valuable it is. Many inclusions are so small that a microscope – and an expert eye – are needed to spot them. We work with diamonds of higher clarity (IF-VS) and hand-select each to ensure the ultimate sparkle factor.
A diamond’s weight is measured in carats (“ct” for short). This value varies depending on a diamond’s shape and type. While the carat value doesn’t always reflect a stone’s visual size, it does generally provide a good indication of a stone’s diameter.

Our 5th C: Commitment

Traceability is the key to understanding and controlling the environmental and social impact. Hence we have partnered with Botswanamark™, a company that empowers the Motswana with a responsible supply chain that transparently tracks diamonds from source through manufacturing to the end customer.

We’ve added commitment to the four international criteria determining a diamond’s value (cut, color, clarity and carat) as every effort is made to ensure responsible practices that allow the Motswana to benefit from the trade in its country’s precious resource.

We provide a provenance certificate for every Botswanamark™ diamond above 0.20 carats and GIA certification above 0.30 carats.



Perhaps the most popular—and best known—of the diamond cuts, the 57 perfectly polished facets of round brilliant cut stones are perfect for timeless, classic looks. Guaranteed to never go out of style, the shape and cut really bring out a diamond’s sparkle and fire.


An elongated version of the round brilliant cut offering plenty of fire and sparkle. Oval cut diamonds are available in a variety of proportions, meaning you’re able to choose between long and slender or shorter and wider stones.


An elegant pear shape with a rounded side that narrows to a point. This attractive elongated cut offers all the brilliance and sparkle of an oval cut stone coupled with the freedom to decide on the proportions. A versatile cut offering an edgy balance between classic and contemporary styles.


An elegant elongated rectangular cut with chiseled step cuts and beveled corners. Subtle and sophisticated, this cut is perfect for showcasing a diamond’s clarity and color. The clean, geometric lines make for a more modern architectural look and instantly add an art deco feel to any design.


A crisp angular cut with a modern geometric silhouette offering outstanding fire and sparkle. This popular cut is extremely versatile, being great for both sleek contemporary and ornate classic styles.


An elongated ellipse with pointed ends. Traditionally set upright, this versatile cut is also great for edgy east-west settings. The flattering cut is very sparkly and available in different proportions—from long and thin for a modern look to short and wide for a more romantic feel.


A striking cut similar in many ways to the emerald cut, yet mostly square with chamfered edges. The precise X-shaped step facets make for a striking pyramid-like effect. This cut exudes timeless appeal and is also an excellent choice for elegant contemporary looks.


An excellent choice for an engagement ring that sparkles with brilliance and fire. The radiant cut is well known for looking larger than most of the other diamonds of the same carat weight, giving it some extra presence on your finger.